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Lets talk about backup.

Everyone knows that they should have a backup plan. Most people don't have a backup plan until it is too late. Don't be one of the people that gets caught without a backup. Here is a link to an article in TUAW that does a very good walkthrough of what a great backup plan should include. This is the same plan that I currently follow. It has worked successfully for me for several years and I highly recommend it.

To summarize the article:

1. Have a clone of your main hard drive. There are a couple of great cloning apps for the Mac the one I use is SuperDuper from Shirtpocket software. another one that I haven't tried but I have heard great things about is CarbonCopy Cloner by Bombich Software.

2. Use Apple Time Machine! This has saved me on several occasions.

3. Have an offsite backup. I use Backblaze and could not be happier with them. The attached link includes my affiliate link. Backblaze allows you to back up both your internal drive and any external drives that are directly attached to your main system. There are other options out there but Backblaze is the one I have used for the last few years.